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Snow Angel



Photo Gallery :  “A Prayer for Allie” 

“Our Father made you with neurons and muscles and spirit that have an aptitude for strength and softness at the same time.

Everyday our Father rejoices over His decision to bring you into the world.  Wherever you walk, whatever you take on, however you live, know that our Father did not overlook a single detail when crafting who you are and who you will be.  Our Father,


like all of us, who love you more than our hearts should have room for, delight in seeing your life unfold.

We breathlessly wait to discover the newest way you glorify our Father, as only you can.”

Photo Gallery : “Tagging Fences” Canon 5D mark ii

Driving by a small tire shop, I had noticed graffiti art across the tire shop’s building so naturally I stopped to ask the man who looked like he owned the place who was responsible for the art.  He directed me to Julie.  Julie did not think it odd when I called her and requested she spray paint a scripture across a wall.  The only problem is we didn’t have a wall…Julie was not particularly fond of one side of her back yard fence, so we blasted as many headlights as could be found and called it a night…  after the neighbors called the police.