Dear Dreamer, Start in San Diego

Where did your dream start?

I mean the part after you had that fuzzy idea bubbling up inside of you.  Did it start with a fresh loan from the bank, or maybe a nice check from your rich great uncle?  Yeah, me neither.

I’ve confessed that my dream is to become a well-respected filmmaker.  And I’ve been inviting the bold and the shy, the brave and the reluctant to join me in this journey to see how I’ll get there.  Also, I hope to encourage those daring souls who chase their dreams to get to wherever their “there” is.

Meet my friend, Reenie.

Reenie is a plantscaper.  She’s not a landscaper, not a florist, not a botanist, but has an unruly case of biophilia.  (You may also be a biophiliac if you find yourself drawn to nature more than most.)

If you’ve wondered the vast regions of Rolla, you may have come across her life forms thriving in the hospital lobbies and offices.  Her exotic plants not only beautify the building but give it an extra dose of oxygen, which seems to be logical (or ironic) for a medical care facility.

Reenie loves what she does, but it all started when her daughter needed braces.  The cost was going to be equivalent to a car payment so, as she puts it, “it really caused me to think about what I really wanted to do.”

The idea seemed far-fetched, maybe even too good to be true.  Could it be possible to bring exotic life forms to a rather un-tropical climate? Furthermore, how does one begin a profession very few in Mid-Missouri have even heard of? Easy, you talk to someone from San Diego.

This biophiliac has caught my attention as person who seems to have found her “there.”  Unfazed by being one of the only professions in her location, Reenie has followed a reawakened passion and successfully runs her own business as a plantscaper.

Step number one to chasing your dream:  Start in San Diego, duh.  Also, pay attention to the things that you could naturally be around all day.  What have you been drawn to since you were a child?




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